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Jansson Tove
The Moomin books

Jansson Tove  (1914—2001)The Moomin books

Writer, painter and illustrator. Studied painting and drawing in Stockholm 1930-1933, Helsinki 1934-1936 and Paris 1938. Public works of art include frescoes for the City of Helsinki 1947, mural for the Kotka vocational school 1951, mural for Hamina town hall 1952, altarpiece for Teuva church 1954, mural for kindergarten in Pori 1984. Moomin... More...

Åland Islands, 2007, Painting of Tove Jansson

Finland, 1992, Moomin looking into River

Finland, 1992, Morra

Finland, 1992, Theatre performance on water

Finland, 1992, Moomin and inhabitants

Finland, 1994, Moomins

Finland, 1994, Snufkin

Finland, 1998, Moominpappa writing Play

Finland, 1998, Moominmamma

Finland, 1998, Too-ticky and Littly My

Finland, 1998, Moomin and Snork

Finland, 2000, Emma and Moomins

Finland, 2000, Park keeper and hattifatteners

Finland, 2000, Snufkin

Finland, 2000, Snufkin with forrest children

Finland, 2003, Moomin Family

Finland, 2003, Too-ticky, Moomin and Littly My

Finland, 2003, Moomin and Little My

Finland, 2003, Moomin and Squirrel

Finland, 2003, Moominmamma and Little My

Finland, 2003, Snufkin in forrest

Finland, 2004, Snufkin and Moomin

Finland, 2007, Moomins

Finland, 2009, Moomins

Finland, 2011, Moomies

Finland, 2013, Moomintroll

Åland Islands, 2007.04.18, Mariehamn. Moomins

Finland, 1992.10.09, Helsinki. Wild baby

Finland, 1993.05.07, Helsinki. Moomin

Finland, 1994.01.27, Helsinki. Batterflies

Finland, 1998.01.15, Helsinki. Moomins

Finland, 1998.10.08, Helsinki. Hatifnatts

Finland, 2000.03.15, Helsinki. Moomins

Finland, 2003.05.07, Helsinki. Unk

Finland, 2004.08.09, Helsinki. Little Girl

Finland, 2007.05.09, Helsinki. Dragon-fly

Finland, 2009.05.06, Tampere. Moomins

Finland, 2011.05.06, helsinki. Hatifnatt

Finland, 1988, Moomins on «Finlandia'88»

Finland, 1992, Moomin in forrest

Finland, 1993, Moomin Family


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