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Shvarz (Шварц) Evgeniy Lvovich

Shvarz (Шварц) Evgeniy Lvovich (1896—1958)

Evgeny Lvovich Shvarts was a Soviet writer and playwright whose works include twenty-five plays and screenplays for three films (in collaboration with Nikolai Erdman). Evgeny Shvarts was born in Kazan, Russia, into a physician's family. His father was Jewish, his mother Russian. In 1910 he studied law at Moscow University, where he also became... More...

Russia, 2001, Faina Ranevskaya and film «Cinderella»

Russia, 2001, Stamps with popular cinema actors

Russia, 2009, Yanina Zheimo as Cinderella

Russia, 2002, Birth Centenary of Erast Garin


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