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Fekete István
Vuk: The Little Fox

Fekete István(19001970) Vuk: The Little Fox

István Fekete was a Hungarian writer, author of several youth novels and animal stories. He is perhaps most well-known for his youth novel Tüskevár ("Thorn Castle", 1957), about two urban boys' summer holiday at the corner of Lake Balaton and Zala River, their experiences, adventures, acquaintance with Nature in... More...

Hungary, 1982, Vuk and Bird

Hungary, 1982, Two dogs

Hungary, 1982, Vuk and rooster

Hungary, 1982, Vuk and owl

Hungary, 1982, Vuk and geese

Hungary, 1982, Vuk and frog

Hungary, 1982, Vuk and old fox

Hungary, 2000, Ishtvan Fekete and Animal Characters

Hungary, 1982.11.11, Budapest. Vuk

Hungary, 2000.11.01, Budapest. Istvan Fekete


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