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Čechura Rudolf
Maxipes Fík

Čechura Rudolf (1931-2014)  Maxipes Fík

Maxipes Fík ("pes" in Czech means "dog") is a popular cartoon character of Czech children TV animated series. First series was shot in 1975. The author and screenwriter was Rudolf Čechura and the animator was Jiří Šalamoun. Music was composed by Petr Skoumal, the voice was narrated by actor Josef Dvořák. The second series was launched in 1978. In the memory of Maxipes Fík his birthday is celebrated in Kadaň (Maxipes Fík was born in Ahníkov, a bulldozed village nearby where Rudolf Čechura was born and Josef Dvořák has lived and acted in Kadaň).

Czech Republic, 2001, Maxipes Fik

Czech Republic, 2001.05.30, Prague. Moon


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