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Egner Thorbjørn

Egner Thorbjørn (1912—1990)Tales

Thorbjørn Egner was a Norwegian playwright, songwriter and illustrator known for his books, plays and musicals for children. He grew up in the working class neighbourhood Kampen in Oslo and his breakthrough was on the nationally broadcast children's radio show Barnetimen for de minste in the beginning of the 1950s. Egner is particularly known... More...

Norway, 1984, Karius and Baktus

Norway, 1984, Tree Shrew

Norway, 1984, Cardamon Rovers

Norway, 1984, Chief Constable Bastian

Norway, 2012, Thorbjorn Egner

Norway, 2012, Robbers from Cardamom Town

Norway, 1984.11.15, Oslo. Bastian

Norway, 1985.04.20, Oslo. Robber

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