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Korczak Janusz
King Matthew the First
Król Maciuś Pierwszy

Korczak Janusz (18781942)King Matthew the FirstKról Maciuś Pierwszy

Janusz Korczak, real name Henryk Goldszmit was a Polish-Jewish pediatrician, children's author and child pedagogist, known as Old Doctor (Stary Doktor). Korczak was born in Warsaw in an assimilated Jewish family. His father Józef Goldszmit died in 1896, possibly by his own hand, leaving the family without a source of income. Over the... More...

German Federal Republic, 1978, Janusz Korczak

Israel, 1962, Janusz Korczak

Poland, 1962, Bust of Korczak

Poland, 1962, King Matthew on horhseback

Poland, 1962, King Matthew and Klu-Klu

Poland, 1962, King Matthew handcuffed

Poland, 1962, King Matthew and dead bird

Poland, 1962, King Matthew ice skating

Poland, 1978, Janush Korczak with children

Poland, 1992, Statue of Korczak

German Federal Republic, 1978.07.13, Bonn. Janusz Korczak

Poland, 1962.11.12, Warsaw. Year of Korczak

Poland, 1978.10.11, Warsaw. Janusz Korczak

Poland, 1992.08.05, Warsaw. Janusz Korczak


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