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Schmidt Annie Maria Geertruida
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Schmidt Annie Maria Geertruida (1911—1995)Books for Children

The most famous twentieth-century Dutch writer, Annie M.G. Schmidt was thought of during her lifetime as the "real queen of the Netherlands". She was a highly original woman with a broad perspective and an unfailing sense of humor. Her radio and TV series, plays and musicals brought her unprecedented popularity. Many of her books have been filmed,... More...

Netherlands, 1967, Porcupine Lullaby

Netherlands, 1967, The Whistling Kettle

Netherlands, 1967, Dikkertje Dap

Netherlands, 1967, The Flowerseller

Netherlands, 1967, Pippeloentje bear

Netherlands, 1999, Pluk van de Pettevlet

Netherlands, 1999, Otie drinking through straw

Netherlands, 1999, Jip and Janneke with cat

Netherlands, 2010, Dick Bruna and Annie Schmidt

Netherlands, 1999.11.10, Haag. Cat


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