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De Amicis Edmondo

De Amicis Edmondo(18461908)HeartCuore

Edmondo De Amicis was an Italian novelist, journalist, poet and short-story writer. His best-known book is the children's novel Heart (or Cuore). Born in Oneglia (part of the city of Imperia), he went to military school in Modena, and became an officer in the new Italian Kingdom. De Amicis fought in the battle of Custoza during the Third... More...

Italy, 2008, Edmondo De Amicis

San-Marino, 2008, Tamburino

Italy, 2008.03.11, Bordighera. Edmondo De Amicis

Italy, 2008.03.11, Imperia Centro. Edmondo De Amicis

San-Marino, 2008.11.18, San Marino. Tamburino


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