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Penhryn, 1979, Max and Moritz emerge from hiding

Russia, 1992, Buratino

Russia, 1992, Cipollino

Russia, 1992, Neznaika

Russia, 1992, Karlsson-on-the-Roof

Russia, 1992, Russian Nutcracker Puppets

Russia, 1992, German Nutcracker Puppets

Russia, 1992, Pas de deux from ballet

Russia, 1992, Dance of the toys

Russia, 1993, Ballet Sleeping Beauty

Russia, 1993, Wash'em'clean

Russia, 1993, Big Cockroach

Russia, 1993, The Buzzer Fly

Russia, 1993, Doctor Aybolit

Russia, 1993, Barmalei

Russia, 1993, Banknoteswith Catherie II

Russia, 1994, Golden Cockerel

Russia, 1997, The Priest and Balda

Russia, 1997, Tsar Saltan

Russia, 1997, The Fishman and the Gold Fish

Russia, 1997, The Tale of the Dead Princess

Russia, 1997, Golden Cockerel

Russia, 1998, Tsarevich Ivan on Grey Wolf

Russia, 1999, Portrait of Pushkin

Russia, 2001, Russian Federation National anthem

Russia, 2001, Faina Ranevskaya and film Cinderella

Russia, 2001, Lubov Orlova, film Circus

Russia, 2001, Vladimir Dahl

Russia, 2002, Bust of Catarina II

Russia, 2002, Carriage of Catherine II (1770)

Russia, 2002, Carriage of Catherine II (1769)

Russia, 2002, Carriages of Catherine II

Russia, 2004, Abramtsevo house of Aksakov

Russia, 2004, Stone Flower

Russia, 2004, The Malachite Casket

Russia, 2004, Golden Hair

Russia, 2004, Catherine II in Lomonosov's Study

Russia, 2004, Giving arms

Russia, 2004, State reform

Russia, 2004, Border expansion

Russia, 2004, Catherine II

Russia, 2004, Buratino on the road

Russia, 2004, Cipollino on car

Russia, 2004, Thumbelina on the road

Russia, 2005, Water, words of Saint-Exupery

Russia, 2006, Tsarevna-Swan

Russia, 2008, Banknote with Catharine II

Russia, 2011, Catherine II

Russia, 2012, Winnie the Pooh

Russia, 2012, Mawgli

Russia, 2012, Eric and Karlsson-on-the-Roof

Russia, 2017, Fable The Fox And The Grape

Russia, 2017, Fable The Hare And The Tortoise

Russia, 2019, Zoya Voskresenskaya

Russia, 2019, I love my horse

USSR, 1989, Fenimore Cooper

USSR, 1989, Vladimir Durov and Sealions

USSR, 1989, The Hunter

USSR, 1989, Last of the Mohicans

USSR, 1989, The Patfinder

USSR, 1989, The Pioneers

USSR, 1989, The Prairie

USSR, 1991, Karamzin and Catherine II

Russia, 1994, 250th Birth Anniv of Nikolay Novikov

Russia, 1999, Birth Centenary of Yury Olesha

Russia, 2001, 225th Anniv of Bolshoy theatre

Russia, 2002, Carriages of Catherine II

Russia, 2002, Dmitri Mamin-Sibiryak

Russia, 2003, Booking buisness magasin

Russia, 2003, Buratino and Puppet theatre in Magnitogorsk

Russia, 2003, Bazhov's monument in Polevskoy

Russia, 2003, Grigory Aleksandrov and his films

Russia, 2003, Arkady Gaydar

Russia, 2004, Pavel Bazhov

Russia, 2004, Stamps with fairy tales of Bazhov

Russia, 2004, The Tale of the Stone Flower

Russia, 2004, Stamp with Catherine II

Russia, 2004, Actor Rolan Bikov, film Aybolit-66

Russia, 2004, Stamps with Bazhov

Russia, 2004, Ufa. Museum of Aksakov

Russia, 2004, 250th birth anniv of Shishkov

Russia, 2005, Portrait of Lev Kassil

Russia, 2005, Portraits of Daniil Kharms

Russia, 2006, Agnya Barto

Russia, 2006, 50th Anniv of Fanny Pictures magasine

Russia, 2006, Director A. Rou, film Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors

Russia, 2007, 125th Birth Anniversary of Korney Chukovsky

Russia, 2008, The Stone Flower fontain in Moskow

Russia, 2008, Vakhtangov, Princess Turandot

Russia, 2008, Mamontov, banknote with Catharine II

Russia, 2008, Schukin, banknote with Catharine II

Russia, 2008, Morozov, banknote with Catharine II

Russia, 2009, Pavel Bazhov

Russia, 2009, Monument to Catherine II in Krasnodar

Russia, 2009, Words of Saint-Exupery

Russia, 2009, Banknots with Catherine II

Russia, 2009, Yanina Zheimo as Cinderella

Russia, 2010, Monument Millenium of Russia

Russia, 2010, Banknots with Catherine II

Russia, 2012, Samuil Marshak

Russia, 2013, Viktor Dragunsky

USSR, 1959, Bazhov's monument in Sverdlovsk

USSR, 1960, Iakob Gogebashvili

USSR, 1963, Anton Makarenko

USSR, 1963, Vladimir Durov

USSR, 1964, Mouse and Little House

USSR, 1965, The Little Humpbacked Horse

USSR, 1965, The Fox and the Rooster

USSR, 1965, Buratino on horse

USSR, 1966, The Little Humpbacked Horse

USSR, 1967, Samuil Marshak

USSR, 1967, Danilo-master

USSR, 1967, Buratino seat on TV

USSR, 1967, Ivan on goose

USSR, 1968, Anton Makarenko

USSR, 1968, Ushinsky monument in Leningrad

USSR, 1968, Abdulla Alish

USSR, 1969, Krilov monument in Kalinin

USSR, 1969, Gaydar museum in Kanev

USSR, 1970, Bazhov's monument in Sverdlovsk

USSR, 1973, Gaydar museum in Kanev

USSR, 1974, Eric and Karlsson-on-the-Roof

USSR, 1974, V. Yan

USSR, 1975, Miniature book of Krilov

USSR, 1976, Puppets (including Buratino)

USSR, 1976, Aleksander Afanasiev

USSR, 1976, Crocodile Gena and Cheburashka in car

USSR, 1977, Puppet theatre in Saratov, Buratino

USSR, 1977, Fontain Tsarevna-Swan in Sochi

USSR, 1977, Yemelya and the Bear

USSR, 1977, Cheburashka, childrens shop in Chelyabinsk

USSR, 1977, Crocodile Gena, Cheburashka, Buratino

USSR, 1978, Krilov monument in Leningrad

USSR, 1978, Anton Makarenko

USSR, 1978, Gaidar monument in Arzamas

USSR, 1978, Makarenko monument in Sumi

USSR, 1978, Crocodile Gena and Cheburashka

USSR, 1978, Arkady Gaydar

USSR, 1978, Birth Centenary of Pavel Bazhov

USSR, 1979, Crocodile Gena and Cheburashka with flowers

USSR, 1980, Grin's museum in Old Crim

USSR, 1980, Aleksander Grin

USSR, 1980, Grin's museum in Old Crim

USSR, 1980, Hans Christian Andersen

USSR, 1980, Grin's museum in Feodosia

USSR, 1981, Puppets of the Theatre of Sergey Obraztsov

USSR, 1982, Centenary of book of wooden boy

USSR, 1982, The Good Soldier Švejk

USSR, 1983, Arkady Gaydar

USSR, 1984, Fire-Bird

USSR, 1984, 215th Birth Anniv of Ivan Krilov

USSR, 1986, The Man and the Bear

USSR, 1986, Grin's museum in Feodosia

USSR, 1987, Samuil Marshak

USSR, 1987, Anton Makarenko

USSR, 1988, Yury Olesha

USSR, 1989, Karel Capek

USSR, 1989, Scene from film New Gulliver

USSR, 1989, Ghazaros Aghayan

USSR, 1989, 150th Birth Anniversary of Ion Creangă

USSR, 1990, Iakob Gogebashvili

USSR, 1991, Ufa. Aksakov's Monument

Russia, 1994, Yuriy Zavadsky as Kalaf in Princess Turandot

Russia, 1999, Scene from Princess Turandot

Russia, 2000, Music of Isaak Dunaevsky to film Captain Grant's Children

Russia, 2002, 125th Birth Anniversary of Remizov

Russia, 2002, Birth Centenary of Erast Garin

Russia, 2002, 150th Birth Anniversary of Mamin-Sibiryak

Russia, 2002, Scene from The Adventures of Buratino movie (1975)

Russia, 2005, Alexander Grin

Russia, 2005, 125th Birth Anniv of Sasha Cherny

Russia, 2008, Nikolai Nosov

Russia, 2009, Monument to actress Faina Ranevsky

Russia, 2009.03.18, Monument to Catherine II in Krasnodar

Russia, 2011, Anatoly Rybakov

Russia, 2012, Nikolay Novikov

Russia, 2012, Vladimir Durov

USSR, 1976, Buratino and puppets

USSR, 1990, 175th Birth anniv of Yershov

USSR, 1991, Birth bicentenary of Sergey Aksakov


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