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Prishvin (Пришвин) Mikhail Mikhailovich
Stories about nature

Prishvin (Пришвин) Mikhail Mikhailovich (1873–1954)Stories about nature

Mikhail Prishvin was a Russian writer. He was born into a family of a merchant in what is now Lipetsk Oblast. In 1893-1897, he studied at a polytechnic school in Riga and was once arrested for his involvement with the Marxist circles. In 1902, Prishvin graduated from Leipzig University with a degree in agronomics. During the World War I, he worked... More...

USSR, 1973, Mikhail Prishvin

Russia, 1998, Mikhail Prishvin

Russia, 2003, Mikhail Prishvin

USSR, 1966, Deer

USSR, 1972, Mikhail Prishvin


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