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Purchase of the North Pole
Sans dessus dessous

The North Polar Practical Association has plans on making a purchase of all the territory north of the 84th parallel. This association is in reality the members of the Baltimore Gun Club, including Secretary J.T. Maston, President Impy Barbicane and Captain Nicholl. Through the generosity of Mrs. Angelina Scorbitt the association is successful in its bid for this region of the globe. Only the world wonders why they have bid for this uninhabitable region. With the property secure, the association makes their plans known, they intend on altering the axis of the earth, so that this Artic region will obtain a temperate climate, allow them access to the large coal deposits they expect to find there. And how will they accomplish this? The same way these men made it to the moon, with a large gun. With the Gun Club's infallible J.T. Maston making the calculations, the association surely can't lose in the proposition.

Tanzania, 2005, Novels of Jules Verne

2003-2019 Dmitry Karasyuk. Idea, preparation, drawing up
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