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Cherniy Sasha(1880–1932)Books for children

First and foremost, Sasha Cherniy was a poet and satirist. He was born in Odessa. Although his life has not been thoroughly studied, his works are rather widely published in Russia.

Cherniy was first published in the St. Petersburg weekly magazine "Viewer". Korney Ivanovich Chukovskiy wrote: "I vividly remember the noisy happiness with which the public met Sasha Chernyi's "Nonsense", written in the November episode of "Viewer". Our readers quickly began learning it by heart."

The first collection of his ironic poetry, entitled "Various Motives" came out in 1906. It was followed by "Satires and Lyrics" and several childrens' poems in 1911. Boldness, wit, and even audacity were characteristic qualities of his work, and his children's poems were entertaining, educational, and quick-witted.

Sasha Cherniy emigrated in 1920, and lived out of the country until his death in 1932.

Russia, 2005, 125th Birth Anniv of Sasha Cherny


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