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Sveinsson Jón (Nonni)
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Sveinsson Jón (Nonni) (1857—1944) Books for children

Writer of Children's Stories. Jón Sveinsson was born at Modruvellir, Iceland. He and his brother were raised there and in Akureyri, where their childhood home has been turned into a museum, Nonni House. Sveinsson, writing under the name of Nonni, drew on his childhood experiences to write twelve books for children that have since been translated into at least 40 languages. His first, Iceland Flowers, was published in 1906, his last, Nonni's Voyage Around the Globe, appeared posthumously in 1949. He left Iceland to study in France, the momentous decision being made on July 31, 1870, the feast of St. Ignatius. As a Jesuit he taught in Copenhagen, but eventually gave himself full time to writing and to lecturing around the world about his native Iceland.

Iceland, 1980, Jón Sveinsson


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