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Bonsels Waldemar
Maya the Bee
Die Biene Maja

Bonsels Waldemar (18801952) Maya the Bee Die Biene Maja

Waldemar Bonsels was a German writer of children's books. Waldemar Bonsels wrote only one children's book in the strict sense, Die Biene Maja (Maya the Bee). People in the sky (Himmelsvolk) is not a proper children's book but has a much deeper mystical layer showing the unity of all creation and its relationship to God. There are a number of novels and shorter stories dealing with love as Eros and on the higher level of divine love in the spirit of romanticism (Eros und die Evangelien, Menschenwege, Narren und Helden, etc.), with the relationship between man and nature in a simple life unchanged by modern civilization (Anjekind, etc.) and also including a historical novel from the time of Jesus (Der Grieche Dositos). He traveled extensively in Europe and Asia. Voyage in India (Indienfahrt) is the fruit of one of these travels.

German Federal Republic, 1998, Maya the Bee

German Federal Republic, 2010.05.07, Essen. Maya the Bee

German Federal Republic, 2012.06.14, Bonn. Maya the Bee

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