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Tanovic(Tanović) Mustafa .
Little Blu in the Land of Dragons

Tanovic(Tanović) Mustafa . 1970 Little Blu in the Land of Dragons

Mustafa Tanovic was born on 5 June 1970 in Sarajevo.

In 1994, as the author of the scenario and libretto, he left war torn Sarajevo for Zagreb with a special goal: to create the grand international rock musical "Sarajevo Circle".

At his then age of 24, he stood out not only as a talented and promising artist, but as a versatile and rounded author in that most demanding and complex theatre form - the musical.

The musical "Sarajevo Circle" itself was a creative revolt of a group of authors and performers against human ignorance and hate which had caused unprecedented civilian strife in the territory of the former Yugoslavia, and especially in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Mustafa's hometown of Sarajevo.

Emanating a grand idea and creative force, the project managed to gather actors, singers, musicians and dancers from around the world: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, England, Germany, Holland, USA.

After touring Europe (where - outside of Bosnia and Croatia - the musical was performed in English and under the title "The Circle"), the show culminated in December 2000 when it was performed at the Irish Theatre on Broadway.

Inspired by the universal cultural message of the musical as well as the sincere peace-loving efforts of the group of young professionals, Pope John Paul II decided to officially endorse the project.

The Croatian label "Croatia Records" issued a CD with studio recordings of the songs from the musical in both Bosnian and English.

Following a prolonged tour with the musical, Mustafa Tanovic returned to Sarajevo and for a while worked as a songwriter with some of the most prominent entertainers from neighbouring Croatia.

But only for a while, because shortly he turned to literary work, his true calling.

Mustafa Tanovic

To celebrate his son Benjamin's first birthday in 2004, he published the illustrated fairy tale "Little Blu in the Land of Dragons". It was published in a dual language edition - in Bosnian and English - and was described in superlatives in all its segments. In it, the author demonstrates his literary abilities by skilfully guiding the reader through exciting adventures of the main character - the boy Little Blu - where everything is simply alive with unexpected turnabouts and vivid action. And to make the book even more vivid and attractive, all the turbulent events are accompanied by curious and imaginative illustrations. The original picturesque illustrations - a fusion of traditional and SF characters - are the work of the academy-trained artist Sanjin Fazlic.

Since children readers cannot be bought over, their genuine sincere emotions are the best indicators of the author's effect. The fairy tale is intended for schoolchildren and their parents.

Currently., as Mustafa himself says., all he want to do is successfully bring up his children (or to be more precise, they are far more successful in bringing him up) and to finish a novella that has been in the works for a while., but this time just for adults.

Bosnia & Herzegovina, 2010, Little Blu and Dragon


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