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Yan (ян) Vasiliy
Historical novels

Yan (ян) Vasiliy (1874Ч1954)Historical novels

Vasily Yan.was Russian Soviet writer. Also spelled "Vassily Yan" (or "Ian") or just "V. Yan", this is the pen name of Vassily Grigoryevich Yanchevetsky (¬аси́лий √риго́рьевич янчеве́цкий).

Born in the family of teachers, his father was from volynskih priests family, who graduating from seminary taught Latin and Greek languages at the University Gymnasium.

In 1897, Vasily Yan graduated from historical and philological faculty of St. Petersburg University. Impressions of a two-year tour of Russia form the backbone of the book "Notes of a pedestrian" (1901). In the years 1901-1904 he served as inspector of wells in Turkestan, where he studied Oriental languages and lives of local people. During the Russian-Japanese war - he was military correspondent for the St. Petersburg News Agency (SPA). After that, in the years 1906-1913, taught Latin language in the first Petersburg Gymnasium (corner Kabinetskoy (now - Pravda) and Ivanovo (Socialist)), where the number of gimnasium students in 1910 created one of the first scout squads "Legion of young intelligence" . As an organizer of the scoutshe he met with Colonel Robert Beyden-Pouellom who come to Russia in 1910, Since the autumn of 1910 Vasily Yan produced the magazine "Pupil". In 1913, worked as a correspondent in Turkey SPA, in 1914, with the beginning of the First World War - SPA military correspondent in Romania. In the years 1918-1919 worked in the printing shop army camp in Siberia Kolchaka. After the restoration of Soviet power in Achinsk he worked as a teacher, correspondent, the director of schools in Uryanhae (Tuva), then as the editor of "zaveduschim" newspaper "The Power of labour" in Minusinske. That was when he first was signed by the pseudonym Yan. In 1923, he moved to Moscow.

Russia, 2000, V. Yan

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