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Christmas card

Series: Christmas

Christmas card

Czech Republic, 2007, 7.5 Kč. 13. multicoloured

Michel: 535
POFIS: 536
Scott: 3362
Stanley Gibbons: 520
Yvert et Tellier: 484

Czech Christmas without picture cards with Josef Lada's illustrations could hardly be called Czech. His pictures became a symbol not only of idyllic Christmas but also of Czech village. This year's Christmas correspondence can be further decorated with the postage stamp featuring the crib by Lada. Equally famous are his settings of theatre plays and movies, e.g. Drda's "Hrátky s čertem". Located in his native village Hrusice nearby Senohraby, which most of all inspired Lada's works, is a monument and museum dedicated to his life and work. It is the time before Christmas which reminds us of the anniversary of Lada's birth and also his death.

Artists: Lada Jozef

Plots: Lada Jozef. Tales

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