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Series: 150th Anniv of Nemcova's book «The Grandmother»


Czech Republic, 2005, 7.50 Kc. 11 (1/4) х 11 (3/4). multicoloured

Michel: 424
POFIS: 425
Scott: 3265
Stanley Gibbons: 423
Yvert et Tellier: 390

A classic Czech book Granny by B. Němcová was first published in 1855 in four parts by the Prague publisher and bookseller J. Pospíšil. Since then it was published almost every year and later made also into several films. The first edition of Granny fell into a time of heavy political suppression during the reactionary government of the Prime Minister Bach. In the main Granny meant the language accomplishment of the process of national revival. The character of Granny is a picture of a pure woman whose life experience makes her willingly advise and help others in their troubles. In 1903 Němcová's absorbing narrative was accompanied with illustrations by the painter, graphic designer and illustrator Adolf Kašpar (1877-1934). At their time his illustrations of Granny meant a real turnover in the development of book art. In his illustrations he was able to clearly, with the art of composition and broad epic, characterize and underline the main story line and give to the reader a better access by way of a picture

Plots: Němcová Bozena. Tales

Czech Republic, 2005.02.09, Ceska Skalice. Nemcova's Signature

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