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Balzac Honoré de

Balzac Honoré de (17991850)

French novelist, b. Tours. Balzac ranks among the great masters of the novel. Of a bourgeois family, he himself later added the de to his name. Neglected in childhood, he was sent to a grammar school at Tours and later to a boarding school at Vendôme, where he was a dull student but a voracious reader. In 1816 he began studying law at the... More...

Bulgaria, 1999, Honore de Balzac

Comoren Islands, 2009, Daguerre, Balzac

France, 1939, Honore de Balsac

France, 1940, Honore de Balsac

France, 2003, Vidocq

Moldova, 1999, Honore de Balzac

Monaco, 1999, Honore de Balzac

Rumania, 1999, Honore de Balzac

Ukraine, 1999, Honore de Balzac

Bulgaria, 1999.05.18, Sofia. Balzac

France, Paris, post office on rue Balzac

France, 1950.04.2930, Provins. Balzac

France, 1964.05.24, Paris. Balzac

France, 1967.04., Paris. Comedie Humaine

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Ukraine, 1999.05.20, Kiev. Book

Czech Republic, 1999, Honore de Balzac


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